Vino Wine

For this Typographic Systems project, I was prompted to design the branding for a wine bottle with an emphasis on the wordmark. This project began with research into different types of wine and the region they’re from. This also included looking at different types of packaging, from the type of bottle to the material that the label is made of. After this research, I decided on the type of wine, the price of my wine, and who my target audience would be which influenced how I would go about designing this project.  I chose to design a bottle of Moscato, with a price of around $15, for an audience of 21 to 30-year-olds.

Brand board

With all these things in mind, I created a mood board to help guide me in my design process. I knew I wanted to take a playful approach and have fun with the design so a lot of my inspiration had bold colors, hand-drawn elements, and exciting typography. These youthful elements also inspired the name of my brand- Fioritura Vino which means “Blooming wine” in Italian.

While designing, I included organic shapes, textures, and many colors. For the brand wordmark, I chose a rounded typeface and slightly tilted the letters to also reflect the playfulness. This project was designed using Illustrator and Photoshop.

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